2019 Battle


Field Names, Numbers and Addresses




Field numbers N1 – N6 will play at Northeast Regional Park on Friday only.
Address: 50901 US-27, Davenport, FL 33897



Fields AG1 – AG3 will play at Archie Gordon all three days. **UPDATE** We are no longer using A.G. 4, that field is moving to Fortune Road park below.
Address: 421 Buenaventura Blvd, Kissimmee, FL 34743



Fields HT1 – HT3 will play at Hickory Tree on Saturday and Sunday only.
Address: 2361 Old Hickory Tree Road, St. Cloud, FL 34772



Field FR 1 will be replacing AG 4 due to unschedule repair on that field. FR 1 will only be used for a handful of games for the 8v8 Coed Comp, 7v7 Men’s Rec and Comp divisions, and schedules below were modified slightly to reflect that.
Address: 2500 Fortune Rd, Kissimmee, FL 34744


Captian Meeting INFO


8V8 CONTACT O35 9:45
5V5 CONTACT O35 10:15
8V8 COED COMP 7:45
8V8 COED PRO 8:00
5V5 WOMEN’S PRO 8:15
5V5 COED COMP 8:30
5V5 COED PRO 8:45
9MAN PRO 9:15
9MAN COMP 9:30
7V7 MEN’S O35 9:45
7V7 WOMEN’S OPEN 10:00
7V7 MEN’S PRO 10:15
7V7 MEN’S COMP 10:30
7V7 MEN’S REC 10:45
5V5 NC MEN’S REC 7:45
5V5 NC MEN’S PRO 8:15
5V5 NC MEN’S COMP 8:45
5V5 NC MEN’S O35 9:15
4V4 O35 9:30
4V4 REC 9:40
4V4 PRO 10:15
4V4 COMP 10:40

4v4 & 5v5 GAME TIMES





3 game guarantee – 3 pool play games on Friday & Saturday plus single elimination bracket on Sunday for top teams in each division of 7v7, 8v8 & 9v9 formats.
4 game guarantee – 4 pool play games on Friday & Saturday plus single elimination bracket on Sunday for top teams in each division of 4v4 & 5v5 formats.


The number of teams that make playoffs will be determined solely by the number of teams in each bracket. The breakdown is as follows:

3-4 teams = 2 Teams in Playoffs
5-8 teams = 4 Teams in playoffs
9-12 teams = 6 Teams in playoffs
13-16 teams = 8 Teams in playoffs
17-20 teams = 10 Teams in Playoffs
21-24 teams = 12 Teams in Playoffs*
25-28 teams = 14 Teams in Playoffs
29+ teams = 16 Teams in Playoffs

*Only exception being the 8v8 Contact Men’s Recreational division that will only take 10 teams to playoffs due to us adding more fields to accommodate more teams on Friday, and lack of field space Sunday.

4v4 New Year Power Rankings – Week 1

RK Team Record Recap
1 Wrecking Crew The returning champs have added alot of talent in the off season. Will this translate to wins or some growing pains?
2 Chain Gang They have the pieces for a deep playoff run and even a championship. But the team has to come first stats second. Will Chris Cramer Help with his veteran leadership.
3 Seminoles (OH) This team has a bunch of veterans to the flag football world. The league is going to be shocked how good and how far this team is going into the playoffs.
4 Neon Black This tgeam has been winning championships in Butler, PA. Will this team gain some must need knowledge from the teams in this league to help their travelling team.
5 Seminoles (PA) This a leader be a veteran Mike Kreigel, he still has zip on the aging arm. Willshock alot of teams with this collection of talent.
6 Pittsburgh Elite A new name to the old Hurricanes, but will the late run in last years B playoffs translate to more wins this year? Only time will tell.
7 Blue Hurricanes This team has some talent just needs time to adjust to the stiffer competition here in this league compared to the other league they played in.
8 Decepticons This offense looks very simple to stop then you miss a flag and it goes for a TD. Dont sleep on this team in any way.
9 Hong Kong Phooey This team always gets atleast one or two upsets every season. if they use some of their youth in the right way. they could use the energy to win even more games.
10 Trojans This team is a young team and combination of a team that won the B Playoffs this time last year. Will they remember how to play or blame each other.
11 Wolfpack This team use to play in the PISAleague back in the day. Will this team upset some teams looking for spots in the top playoffs.
12 Villians This team is like a coin flip....will everyone show up or will they just argue all night long with each other. If they dont work out this out they look to be out early in the B Playoffs.
13 The Deleted Dont know much about this team so let see if they surprise people.
14 Monstars THe quarterback is who is going to win games for this team. He's goings to have to play both sides the ball and guide this team. Can his young shoulders handle the pressure?
15 Venom Another team if they show up and have enough can surprise people. but after two seasons of people not showing up thats why their listed so low.
16 Beer & Beyond Another team that we dont know much about, but wants to call out the Trojans for the Battle of the Carey Household
17 WAB Always a treat to watch this team play. they give 100 percent and have fun every game. This team shows the league how to come to the games and have fun..maybe even out drink alot of teams too.
18 Yetis This young team only has two people that played in the flag football league. This team will go thru some growing pains as they create a playbook and a defense. Probably 2 seasons till they make a impact.
19 Insanity This is a free agent team and the name explains how much time I took to build this team.

4v4 Winter All Stars

4v4 Winter 2017 All Star Rosters

1st Team Offense Pos Team 2nd Team Offense Pos Team
Jeff Bollinger QB Wrecking Crew Seth Goheen QB Chain Gang
Chris Sullivan QB Steeltown Jordan Williams QB Hurricanes
Steve Jankowski C Hong Kong Phooey Daniel Kaefer C Honey Badgers
Sean Kennedy C Chaos Chuck Green C Chaos
Brandon Morgan WR Wrecking Crew Ken Walton WR The Lckr
Darius Prince WR The Lckr Chris Doyle WR Steeltown
Taylor Thorton WR Hurricanes Nick Kane WR Honey Badgers
JOEY KIELUR WR Chain Gang Ryan Hall WR Honey Badgers
1st Team Defense Pos Team 2nd Team Defense Pos Team
Demond Gowder DT Blue Hurricanes Mike Shoop DT Hurricanes
Sean Bollinger DT Wrecking Crew Julian Salerno DT DLS
Adam Kralik CB Hurricanes Chris Cramer CB Wrecking Crew
Tyler Zidek CB WAB Anthony Steban CB Steeltown
Austin Tawney CB Reapers James Latimer CB Bucs
Shane Marchek CB Chain Gang Ronnell Kennedy CB Wrecking Crew

4v4 Winter 2017 Player Awards

4v4 Winter 2017
Award Player Pos Team
Best Defensive Back Adam Kralik DB Hurricanes
Best Rusher Demond Gowder DL Blue Hurricanes
Best Quarterback Jeff Bollinger QB Wrecking Crew
Best Wide Receiver Brandon Morgan WR/DB Wrecking Crew
Defensive Player of the Year Demond Gowder DL Blue Huricanes
Offensive Player of the Year Brandon Morgan WR/DB Wrecking Crew
Most Valuable Player Brangon Morgan WR/DB Wrecking Crew
Offensive Rookie of the Year Jordan Williams QB Hurricanes
Defensive Rookie of the Year Demond Gowder DL Blue Hurricanes
Best Center Steve Jankowski C Hong Kong Phooey

Power Rankings Week 5

RK (LW) Team Record RECAP
1 (+1) Chaos 10-0 This team is showing the league how they ruled the Pittsburgh area years ago. But will the old veterans fall apart during the playoffs?
2 (-1) Wreckings Crew 9-1 This team can be deadly if they play like a team. We’ll see in two weeks which Wrecking Crew team Shows Up.
3 (+1) The LCKR 6-2 This team has as many weapons as any team in the league. Finally the appearance of Bruce Thornton to pair with Ken Walton and Darius Prince is the deadliest combo in the league. This team will go as far as the QB will take them.
4 (-1) Steeltown 4-1 This will be Steeltown’s second week of this season. These grueling 5 game days have to be getting this team ready for the long playoff and tournament runs. Will the new fusion of youth and veterans make a run?
5 (+1) Chain Gang 6-3 This team is like a roller coaster the past two weeks after a great start to the season. Which Team will show up this week?
6 (-1) Vapor 3-3 This team is coming off a championship in another league. Will this help or hurt this team who had 4 players one week and had to forfeit another week?
7 (+2) Venom 4-4 This team has the talent that every team that plays them sleeps on them. The combo of Rob Roberts and Keith Durst is one of the longest in Pittsburgh. But Will the youth help put this team over the top?
8 (+10) Reapers 4-3 The most excitement for ths team happened off the field but will they overcome the distraction of the off field incident.
9 (-1) Black Knights 3-3 This team has a superstar in the making in Demitrius Carrington. Will he help produce on both sides of the ball?
10 (+1) Blue Hurricanes 2-5 After a good showing in week one….. What happened to this team? Will they return to Week 1 forum
11 (-4) Honey Badgers 2-4 I feel every time I watch this team their always shooting themselves in the foot. This is a very disappointing season for this team. Can they salvage it in the playoffs?
12 (NA) Bucs 1-6 Athletes all over the field, point blank. This team just needs one person to teach them the flag game and championships will follow.
13 (NA) Hong Kong Phooey 2-4 This team had all kinds of youth and they all disappeared. Will these players come back to help the vets?
14 (+2) Hurricanes 2-5 Starting to get in a grove. Proved to the writers that they deserve to move up the rankings. Can they either keep moving up or stay afloat.
15 (NA) WAB 1-7 This team hangs in with the toughest teams in the league then falls apart after some self-inflected wounds. Will WAB stop this from happening?
16 (-2) DLS 1-6 What can I say this team loves to drink and it explains the name and the record. Dead Liver Society is the team having the most fun on the field every week.

Week 5

Week 3 Power Rankings


Mid season rankings
RK Team Record Recap
1 Wrecking Crew 5-0 Looks like no one can find the answer to the Jeff Bollinger to Brandon Morgan Connection . Will this help or hurt this team in the playoffs
2 Chaos 4-0 Sean Kennedy, Lance Brunsell, DJ Douglas, and Dan Miller came out of retirement and back to the league. Then added young speed in Chuck Green and Raphael Hurd. This team will be dangerous in the playoffs.
3 Steeltown 4-1 This team has started the youth movement. Youth on both sides of the ball will help this team into a deep playoff run.
4 The Lckr 5-1 This team relies on how far Darius Prince takes them. DOES he have the supporting cast to help him.. or will the LCKR shut in the playoffs.
5 Vapor 3-0 This team only played with 4 players in their first week if the season. Hopefully everyone starts showing or this could lead to a early exit during playoff time.
6 Chain Gang 4-2 A combo of two teams from last season makes this team a dangerous team. But will they fix their scoring problems or will the chain break in the playoff exit.
7 Honey Badgers 2-2 This team should sneak into the A playoff bracket. But if the QB gets trapped these Honey Badger might get skinned.
8 Black Knights 2-2 Has the talent but the QB position might be what’s hurting this team. Will the QB fix the problems or the knights won’t be remembered.
9 Venom 3-3 This team is like a light switch, when their on their as good as most teams. But when their off I think they might have twins who don’t play football.
10 Reapers 3-2 A bad week 2 hurt this team. The young QB might be over thinking things. Take what the defense gives you and work down the field.
11 Blue Hurricanes 1-4 A new team to the league. Just has to get use to downs not 4 downs and learn that every down and yard counts. They should move up the rankings by the end of the season.
12 Bucs 0-4 Another new team.. has ton of athletes on this team. Just has to learn the basic flag concepts and the sky is the limit for this team.
13 Hong Kong Phooey 1-4 A team in a youth movement, their are 3 different generations of the same family playing. But will this team improve or will it be status quo.
14 DLS 1-4 One of the funniest teams in the league. No matter the score this teamis always trying hard and cracking jokes
15 WAB 1-5 The third oldest tenure team in the league. Another team you can’t judge their heart. But wings and beer might like the bar to much
16 Hurricanes 0-5 A stuggle at QB position for two striaght seasons has made this team have internal turmoil. Will they squash the beeef and move up the rankings.

4v4 Winter 2017 Week 3